Immediate Funding Needs

Our local hospitals are crucial to our health care system, the front-line facilities we know and trust to deliver high-quality care for our families, friends and neighbours. But our hospitals are facing real challenges. Tell your local MPP that you support increased funding to protect access to front-line hospital care and avoid decreases in services or staff.

Immediate Funding Needs

During over 23 million patient visits each year, our hospitals deliver health care that Ontarians rely on while working to manage growth in spending – leading the country in efficiency. However, in recent years funding has not kept up with growing need; for four consecutive years, Ontario hospitals accepted zero percent funding increases at a time when patient volumes, labour costs, energy, regulatory requirements and other inflation grew significantly. During this period, hospitals worked hard to find efficiencies without compromising quality of care.

Ontario hospitals need the government’s support today to stabilize care and avoid decreases in services or staff. It will take time to achieve the long-term changes required to ensure our system remains sustainable for future generations. Meanwhile, it’s crucial that Ontarians continue to have access to hospital care as a safety net they can always count on.

How Can You Help Our Hospitals?

Hospitals are reaching the limit of their ability to serve patients without compromising quality of care, increasing wait times, reducing services or losing front-line staff. To keep up with the needs of our growing and aging population, our hospitals need a funding increase of 3.45% this year. This investment is necessary to allow hospitals to continue to care for Ontario's patients while the important work of larger health system transformation takes place.

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